Commit a3b2f9e2 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Restore the BRE inter-bbs netmail attachment work-around from SBBSecho v2:

If the attached file begins with a '^', ignore/skip that character in the file
path. This should resolve the error reported by Ken  of Section One BBS:
ERROR line 850, attachment file not found: ^C:/SBBS/XTRN/BRE777/...

SBBSecho v2.x included this work-around and it was not included in the v3
re-factoring/re-write. Of course, BRE is doing something wrong and is totally
at fault here, but no one expects BRE to be fixed... ever. :-)
parent a59060dd
......@@ -840,6 +840,9 @@ int write_flofile(const char *infile, fidoaddr_t dest, bool bundle, bool use_out
if(flo_filename == NULL)
return -2;
if(*infile == '^') /* work-around for BRE/FE inter-BBS attachment bug */
#ifdef __unix__
if(isalpha(infile[0]) && infile[1] == ':') // Ignore "C:" prefix
infile += 2;
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