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Document the SyncTERM Application Program String extensions

Not actually part of CTerm, but documented here anyway.
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......@@ -239,6 +239,29 @@ ESC _ Application Program String (APS)
Begins a string consisting of the characters 0x08 - 0x0d and
0x20-0x7e, terminated by a String Terminator (ST)
The string is currently ignored.
SyncTERM implements the following APS commands:
APS SyncTERM:C;S;Ps1;Ps2 ST (Store file)
Where Ps1 is a filename and Ps2 is the base64 encoded
contents of the file. The named file is stored in the
cache directory for the current connection.
APS SyncTERM:C;L ST (List Files)
List files in cache. SyncTERM responds with
an APS string with lines separated by newlines. The
first line is always "SyncTERM:C;L\n" and for each
matching file, a line in the form
<Filename> TAB <MD5 sum> LF is sent
(ie: "coolfont.fnt\t595f44fec1e92a71d3e9e77456ba80d1\n")
And additional argument can be specified as a glob(3)
pattern (defaults to "*") in APS SyncTERM:C;L;Ps ST.
APS SyncTERM:C;SetFont;Pn;Ps
Where Pn is a font slot number (max 255) and Ps is a
filename in the cache. This sets font slot Pn to use
the specified font file.
ESC c Reset to Initial State (RIS)
Resets all the terminal settings, clears the screen, and homes
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