Commit a978f75d authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Add BINKPS (Implicit TLS) BinkP toggle option for linked nodes.

parent 9298750a
......@@ -445,6 +445,7 @@ void binkp_settings(nodecfg_t* node)
sprintf(opt[i++], "%-20s %s", "Authentication", auth);
sprintf(opt[i++], "%-20s %s", "Encryption", crypt);
sprintf(opt[i++], "%-20s %s", "Implicit TLS", node->binkp_tls ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[i++], "%-20s %s", "Source Address", node->binkp_src);
char title[128];
......@@ -476,6 +477,9 @@ void binkp_settings(nodecfg_t* node)
" sessions will be supported.\n"
" CRAM-MD5 authentication `must` be used when encrypting BinkP sessions.\n"
"`Implicit TLS` defines whether or not to use `BINKPS` when connecting\n"
" (outbound) with this linked node.\n"
"`Source Address` allows you to override the source FTN address used\n"
" with outgoing BinkP mailer sessions with this linked node.\n"
" Normally, this setting is left blank (not set).\n"
......@@ -561,6 +565,14 @@ void binkp_settings(nodecfg_t* node)
case 5:
k = !node->binkp_tls;
,"Use BINKPS (Implicit TLS) Connections with This Node",uifcYesNoOpts)) {
case 0: node->binkp_tls = true; uifc.changes=TRUE; break;
case 1: node->binkp_tls = false; uifc.changes=TRUE; break;
case 6:
"~ Source Address ~\n\n"
"This is the FidoNet style address to use as the source address when\n"
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