Commit aa488a96 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Fixed output_sem re-initialization bug that caused segfaults in Linux and

*may* have been a cause of occasional output blocks in Win32.
parent c4ae3de7
......@@ -873,7 +873,11 @@ void output_thread(void* arg)
if(!avail) {
This caused occasional segfaults on Linux and *could* have been the cause
of blocked output on Win32 (what was I thinking?)
......@@ -1737,7 +1741,7 @@ bool sbbs_t::init()
#ifdef _WIN32
NULL // pointer to security attributes
,true // flag for manual-reset event
,false // flag for manual-reset event
,false // flag for initial state
,NULL // pointer to event-object name
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