Commit b06125ae authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Bug-fix: if the forward-path is in "<address>" notation, don't include the

angle brackets in the "RCPT TO" command sent to the SMTP server. This is an old
bug but now appears because we are now (recently) actually storing the SMTP
forward-path in the message header.
parent 1cc0e6f4
......@@ -5571,7 +5571,10 @@ static void sendmail_thread(void* arg)
&& tp > p)
*tp=0; /* Remove ":port" designation from envelope */
sockprintf(sock,prot,session,"RCPT TO: <%s>", toaddr);
if(*toaddr == '<')
sockprintf(sock,prot,session,"RCPT TO: %s", toaddr);
sockprintf(sock,prot,session,"RCPT TO: <%s>", toaddr);
if(!sockgetrsp(sock,prot,session,"25", buf, sizeof(buf))) {
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