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Merge branch 'dd_msg_reader_ansi_improvement' into 'master'

DDMsgReader: Improved display of ANSI messages via the use of the Graphic object

See merge request !186
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Digital Distortion Message Reader
Version 1.47a
Release date: 2022-03-23
Version 1.48
Release date: 2022-06-12
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ Revision History (change log)
Version Date Description
------- ---- -----------
1.48 2022-06-12 Improved display of ANSI messages
1.47a 2022-03-23 Internal change: Now calls bbs.edit_msg() for editing an
existing message (for Synchronet 3.18 and up).
Functionally no change.
......@@ -354,4 +355,4 @@ Version Date Description
1.01 2015-05-17 Bug fix: The enhanced reader header file is now correctly
displayed even if the lengths of its lines are
1.00 2015-05-06 Initial release
\ No newline at end of file
1.00 2015-05-06 Initial release
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