Commit b7eab62e authored by deuce's avatar deuce
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Attempt to fix GNUmakefile.

parent 7adb8ab0
......@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ binaries: sbbs3 scfg umonitor uedit gtkuseredit gtkchat gtkmonitor gtkuserlist s
externals: sbj sbl dpoker tbd
sbbs3: src $(SBBSDIR)/lib/cryptlib/$(machine).release
sbbs3: src $(SBBSDIR)/3rdp/dist
$(MAKE) -C $(SBBSDIR)/src/sbbs3 $(MKFLAGS)
scfg: src
......@@ -265,9 +265,9 @@ ifndef NOCVS
$(CVS_CO) run-sbbs3
ifndef NOCVS
$(CVS_CO) lib/cryptlib/$(machine).release
$(CVS_CO) lib
cvslogin: $(SBBSDIR)
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