Commit bb354263 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Added one more %s to the MsgAttr string to accomodate the new attribute: "Poll"

Added a colon to the end of UserDefaultsHdr.
Changed the color fo the colon at the end of QWKSettingsHdr
Changed comand key to toggle @VIA in QWK from 'V' to 'P'.
Added new Voting-related text items to end.
parent cd4c51bb
"\1n\1h\1c\1n\1h\1k\1n\1c\r\n"\ 001 MsgSubj
"\1h \1bSubj\1n\1b: \1h\1c%.70s\r\n"
" \1bAttr\1n\1b: \1h\1c%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s\r\n" 002 MsgAttr
" \1bAttr\1n\1b: \1h\1c%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s\r\n" 002 MsgAttr
" \1bTo \1n\1b: \1h\1c%.70s" 003 MsgTo
" #%s" 004 MsgToExt
" (%.40s)" 005 MsgToNet
......@@ -570,7 +570,7 @@
"Mega/Kilobytes, or $): \1n"
"\1_\1y\1hAdjust Minutes (- to subtract, H = Hours): \1n" 472 ModifyMinutes
"\r\nDelete Questionaire" 473 DeleteQuestionaireQ
"\1h\1bUser Settings for \1w%s #%d\r\n\r\n" 474 UserDefaultsHdr
"\1h\1bUser Settings for \1w%s #%d\1b:\r\n\r\n" 474 UserDefaultsHdr
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wT\1n\1b] \1hTerminal Mode \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 475 UserDefaultsTerminal
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wE\1n\1b] \1hExternal Editor \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 476 UserDefaultsXeditor
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wL\1n\1b] \1hScreen Length \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 477 UserDefaultsRows
......@@ -886,7 +886,7 @@
" via rlogin" 738 NodeConnectionRLogin
" via ssh" 739 NodeConnectionSSH
" at %ubps" 740 NodeConnectionModem
"\1h\1bQWK Settings for \1w%s #%u:\1n\r\n\r\n" 741 QWKSettingsHdr
"\1h\1bQWK Settings for \1w%s #%u\1b:\1n\r\n\r\n" 741 QWKSettingsHdr
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wA\1n\1b] \1hCtrl-A Color Codes \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 742 QWKSettingsCtrlA
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wT\1n\1b] \1hArchive Type \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 743 QWKSettingsArchive
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wE\1n\1b] \1hInclude E-mail Messages \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 744 QWKSettingsEmail
......@@ -897,8 +897,8 @@
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wC\1n\1b] \1hInclude Control Files \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 749 QWKSettingsControl
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wH\1n\1b] \1hInclude HEADERS.DAT File \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 750 QWKSettingsHeaders
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wY\1n\1b] \1hInclude Messages from You \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 751 QWKSettingsBySelf
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wZ\1n\1b] \1hInclude Time Zone (TZ) \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 752 QWKSettingsTimeZone
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wV\1n\1b] \1hInclude Message Path (VIA) \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 753 QWKSettingsVIA
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wZ\1n\1b] \1hInclude Time Zone (@TZ) \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 752 QWKSettingsTimeZone
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wP\1n\1b] \1hInclude Message Path (@VIA) \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 753 QWKSettingsVIA
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wM\1n\1b] \1hInclude Message/Reply IDs \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 754 QWKSettingsMsgID
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wX\1n\1b] \1hExtended (QWKE) Packet Format\1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 755 QWKSettingsExtended
"\r\n\1n\1h\1bWhich or [\1wQ\1b]uit: \1c" 756 QWKSettingsWhich
......@@ -944,4 +944,11 @@
"ago" 775 InThePast
"from now" 776 InTheFuture
"%s %s %s" 777 AgeOfPostedItem
"Logging out \1h%s" 778 NodeStatusLogout
\ No newline at end of file
"Logging out \1h%s" 778 NodeStatusLogout
"\r\n\1h\1rI'm sorry, voting is not allowed here.\r\n" 779 VotingNotAllowed
"\r\n\1h\1rI'm sorry, you've already voted on this.\r\n" 780 VotedAlready
"\1n\1b[\1h\1wV\1n\1b] \1hInclude VOTING.DAT File \1n\1b: \1c%s\r\n" 781 QWKSettingsVoting
"\r\nVote for message: ~Up, ~Down, or ~Quit: " 782 VoteMsgUpDownOrQuit
"\r\n \1bMsg \1n\1b: \1h\1cVoted Up %u times and Down %u times" 783 MsgVotes
"\r\n\1n\1hOn %s, in \1c%s \1n\1c%s\r\n\1h\1m%s \1c%s\1n\1m-voted your message: \1n\1h%s\r\n" 784 MsgVoteNotice
"\r\n\1h\1rI'm sorry, you're not allowed to vote.\r\n" 785 R_Voting
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