Commit c16778c3 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Work-around error reported by Jason (HDCBBS):

!JavaScript  /sbbs/exec/newslink.js line 936: Error: Error -110 adding
RECIPIENTADDR field to message header

This is likely because we're trying to auto-detect the network-address type
and failing, so just force it to NET_INTERNET here.
parent 13020198
......@@ -107,7 +107,8 @@ function parse_news_header(hdr, line)
case "apparently-to":
case "x-comment-to": = mail_get_name(data);
hdr.to_net_addr = mail_get_address(data);
if((hdr.to_net_addr = mail_get_address(data)) != null)
hdr.to_net_type = NET_INTERNET;
case "newsgroups":
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