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Use QWKnet ID of originating system when imported via QWKnet

Update to previous commit.
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......@@ -4925,6 +4925,8 @@ void export_echomail(const char* sub_code, const nodecfg_t* nodecfg, bool rescan
if(msg.ftn_bbsid != NULL) /* use original BBSID */
f += sprintf(fmsgbuf + f, "\1BBSID: %.256s\r", msg.ftn_bbsid);
else if(msg.from_net.type == NET_QWK)
f += sprintf(fmsgbuf + f, "\1BBSID: %.256s\r", (char*)msg.from_net.addr);
else if(msg.from_net.type != NET_FIDO)
f += sprintf(fmsgbuf + f, "\1BBSID: %.256s\r", scfg.sys_id);
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