Commit c64e34a8 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Include the echo Title (from an echolist), if found, in the echostats.ini.

This makes this file more suitable for import into SCFG->Message Areas
(something I'll work on soon), i.e. as an alternative to importing badareas.lst
parent 76f673eb
......@@ -466,8 +466,11 @@ void fwrite_echostat_msg(FILE* fp, echostat_msg_t msg, const char* prefix)
void fwrite_echostat(FILE* fp, echostat_t* stat)
const char* desc = area_desc(stat->tag);
fprintf(fp, "[%s]\n" , stat->tag);
fprintf(fp, "Known = %s\n" , stat->known ? "true" : "false");
if(desc != NULL)
fprintf(fp, "Title = %s\n" , desc);
for(int type = 0; type < ECHOSTAT_MSG_TYPES; type++) {
char prefix[32];
sprintf(prefix, "First%s", echostat_msg_type[type]) , fwrite_echostat_msg(fp, stat->first[type], prefix);
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