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Fix network user/address look-up (using qnet/users.dat)

The QWKnet user look-up feature was broken as of commit e4fc5d04 (a year ago).

Just noticed this regression as Andre asked in IRC about looking up network users for netmail. This feature worked for QWKnet users/addresses, at least, and now will work again.
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......@@ -105,11 +105,13 @@ bool sbbs_t::netmail(const char *into, const char *title, long mode, smb_t* resm
if(*to == '\0' && cc_list != NULL && (*cc_list) != NULL) {
SAFECOPY(to, cc_list[0]);
net_addr = to;
if(*net_addr == '\0' && cc_list != NULL)
net_addr = cc_list[0];
net_type = smb_netaddr_type(net_addr);
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG, "parsed net type of '%s' is %s", net_addr, smb_nettype((enum smb_net_type)net_type));
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