Commit cd8785e2 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Re-lock the msg base in packmsgs() when re-opening (to set status header),

so that the smb_unlock() in main() doesn't fail and display the harmless
Error -207 (smb_unlock 2 'No such file or directory' removing mail.lock)
unlocking mail
parent 73abed1a
......@@ -1267,6 +1267,10 @@ void packmsgs(ulong packable)
if((i=smb_lock(&smb)) != SMB_SUCCESS)
fprintf(errfp,"\n%s!ERROR %d (%s) locking %s\n"
fprintf(errfp,"\n%s!smb_locksmbhdr returned %d: %s\n"
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