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Publish human readable nodestatus to node# mqtt topic

Makes for a nice node listing with pure-text MQTT clients/tools
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......@@ -104,6 +104,11 @@ int sbbs_t::putnodedat(uint number, node_t* node)
SAFEPRINTF(topic, "node%u/status", number + 1);
int result = mqtt_pub_strval(mqtt, TOPIC_BBS, topic, str);
if(result == MQTT_SUCCESS) {
SAFEPRINTF(topic, "node%u", number + 1);
result = mqtt_pub_strval(mqtt, TOPIC_BBS, topic
,nodestatus(&cfg, node, str, sizeof(str), number + 1));
if(result != MQTT_SUCCESS)
lprintf(LOG_WARNING, "ERROR %d (%d) publishing node status: %s", result, errno, topic);
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