Commit d28240a6 authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬

Replace accidental CP437 char embedded in XtrnProgLstUnderline string

As reported by mlong
parent 268f540c
Pipeline #644 passed with stage
in 15 minutes and 55 seconds
......@@ -462,7 +462,7 @@
"\r\n\r\nNo external programs available.\r\n" 379 NoXtrnPrograms
"\1n\1c\1h%s \1n\1cExternal Programs:\r\n\r\n" 380 XtrnProgLstHdr
"\1n\1cNum \1h\xb3\1n\1c Name " 381 XtrnProgLstTitles
"\1h\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4"\ 382 XtrnProgLstUnderline
"\1h\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc5\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4"\ 382 XtrnProgLstUnderline
"\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4\xc4 "
"\1h\1c%3u \xb3 \1n\1c%-32.32s\1h " 383 XtrnProgLstFmt
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