Commit d3cb2bc7 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Shorted InternetMailing to accomodate a longer "To:" input string which can

now accept multiple comma-separated addresses.
Include the problematic NetMail address in the InvalidNetMailAddr string.
parent e4fc5d04
......@@ -79,8 +79,8 @@
"\1n\r\n\1c \1h\1bReading Sent E-mail \1n\1c \1h\1b"\ 061 ReadingSentMail
"(\1w?\1b=Menu) (\1w%u\1b of \1w%u\1b): \1n"
"\1h\1?\1mSending Internet Mail To: \1w%s\1m\r\n"\ 062 InternetMailing
" From: \1w%s\r\n"
"\1h\1?\1mInternet Mail To: \1w%s\1m\r\n"\ 062 InternetMailing
" From: \1w%s\r\n"
"\1n\r\nNo mail on system.\r\n" 063 NoMailOnSystem
"\1n\r\n\1c \1h\1bReading All E-mail \1n\1c \1h\1b"\ 064 ReadingAllMail
"(\1w%u \1bof \1w%u\1b): \1n"
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@
"\r\n\1q\1_\1g\1hFile Libraries \1n\1g "\ 181 LibLstHdr
" Directories\r\n\r\n\1h"
"\1n\1g(\1h%u\1n\1g) %-40.40s %12.12s \1h%4u\r\n" 182 LibLstFmt
"\1n\r\nInvalid NetMail address.\r\n" 183 InvalidNetMailAddr
"\1n\r\nInvalid NetMail address: \1h%s\1n\r\n" 183 InvalidNetMailAddr
"\1_\r\n\1g\1h%s \1n\1gTransfer Policy\r\n\r\n\1n" 184 TransferPolicyHdr
"\1n\1h[\1y%c\1w] \1b%-25s " 185 TransferProtLstFmt
"Initial uploads are rewarded with %d%% of the "\ 186 TpUpload
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