Commit dbe2cd08 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Added recursive make targets for scfg, uedit, and umonitor - built with

the default/all target.
So a single "make" command in src/sbbs3 should build these nested targets
as well.
Caveat: "make clean" does not clean these sub-make targets.
parent 599e783e
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ UTILS = $(FIXSMB) $(CHKSMB) \
all: dlls utils console
all: dlls utils console scfg uedit umonitor
console: $(JS_DEPS) xpdev-mt smblib \
......@@ -66,6 +66,19 @@ mono: xpdev-mt smblib \
.PHONY: scfg
$(MAKE) -C scfg $(MAKEFLAGS)
.PHONY: uedit
$(MAKE) -C uedit $(MAKEFLAGS)
.PHONY: umonitor
$(MAKE) -C umonitor $(MAKEFLAGS)
.PHONY: install
install: all
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