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Merge branch 'dd_msg_area_chooser_only_subboard_change_fix' into 'master'

DD message area chooser: Updated to try to prevent an "undefined" error when only choosing a sub-board within the user's current message group

See merge request !184
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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
* the sub-board list when using the lightbar menu
* 2022-06-11 Eric Oulashin Version 1.26
* Updated to try to prevent the error "this.subBoardListPrintfInfo[pGrpIdx] is undefined"
* in CreateLightbarSubBoardMenu()
* when only choosing a sub-board within the user's current message group.
// TODO: In the area list, the 10,000ths digit (for # posts) is in a different color)
......@@ -155,7 +155,9 @@ if (executeThisScript)
// here just in case, and change the user's message area
// here. Otherwise, if choosing the message group first,
// SelectMsgArea() will change the user's sub-board.
var msgGroupIdx = (gChooseMsgGrpOnStartup ? 0/*null*/ : bbs.curgrp);
var msgGroupIdx = (gChooseMsgGrpOnStartup ? 0/*null*/ : +bbs.curgrp);
if (!gChooseMsgGrpOnStartup)
var chosenIdx = msgAreaChooser.SelectMsgArea(gChooseMsgGrpOnStartup, msgGroupIdx);
if (!gChooseMsgGrpOnStartup && (typeof(chosenIdx) === "number"))
bbs.cursub_code = msg_area.grp_list[bbs.curgrp].sub_list[chosenIdx].code;
......@@ -2057,9 +2059,6 @@ function DDMsgAreaChooser_GetMsgSubBrdLine(pGrpIndex, pSubIndex, pHighlight)
// Free some memory?
delete msgBase;
return subBoardLine;
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