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Restore the msclock_t typedef. Things were using it.

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......@@ -378,8 +378,9 @@ DLLEXPORT char* byte_count_to_str(int64_t bytes, char* str, size_t size);
DLLEXPORT char* byte_estimate_to_str(int64_t bytes, char* str, size_t size, ulong unit, int precision);
/* Microsoft (e.g. DOS/Win32) real-time system clock API (ticks since process started) */
typedef clock_t msclock_t;
#define MSCLOCKS_PER_SEC 1000
clock_t msclock(void);
msclock_t msclock(void);
DLLEXPORT BOOL check_pid(pid_t);
DLLEXPORT BOOL terminate_pid(pid_t);
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