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Add a new UIFC_NOBRDR flag to input and list options to ask for a window

with no borders... (No jokes please!)
parent 2c879fb9
......@@ -185,8 +185,8 @@
#define WIN_REDRAW (1<<21) /* Force redraw on dynamic window */
#define WIN_NODRAW (1<<22) /* Force not to redraw on dynamic window */
#define WIN_EXTKEYS (1<<23) /* Return on any keypress... if it's not handled internally
* Return value is -2 - keyvalue
* Return value is -2 - keyvalue */
#define WIN_NOBRDR (1<<24) /* Do not draw a border around the window */
#define WIN_MID WIN_L2R|WIN_T2B /* Place window in middle of screen */
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