Commit ed5ad299 authored by deuce's avatar deuce
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Add support for new 132-column modes.

parent b0622631
......@@ -174,8 +174,8 @@ int sortorder[sizeof(sort_order)/sizeof(struct sort_order_info)];
char *sort_orders[]={"Entry Name","Address","Connection Type","Port","Date Added","Date Last Connected"};
char *screen_modes[]={"Current", "80x25", "80x28", "80x30", "80x43", "80x50", "80x60", "132x25", "132x28", "132x30", "132x34", "132x43", "132x50", "132x60", "C64", "C128 (40col)", "C128 (80col)", "Atari", "Atari XEP80", NULL};
char *screen_modes_enum[]={"Current", "80x25", "80x28", "80x30", "80x43", "80x50", "80x60", "132x25", "132x28", "132x30", "132x34", "132x43", "132x50", "132x60", "C64", "C128-40col", "C128-80col", "Atari", "Atari-XEP80", NULL};
char *screen_modes[]={"Current", "80x25", "80x28", "80x30", "80x43", "80x50", "80x60", "132x37 (16:9)", "132x52 (5:4)", "132x25", "132x28", "132x30", "132x34", "132x43", "132x50", "132x60", "C64", "C128 (40col)", "C128 (80col)", "Atari", "Atari XEP80", NULL};
char *screen_modes_enum[]={"Current", "80x25", "80x28", "80x30", "80x43", "80x50", "80x60", "132x37", "132x52", "132x25", "132x28", "132x30", "132x34", "132x43", "132x50", "132x60", "C64", "C128-40col", "C128-80col", "Atari", "Atari-XEP80", NULL};
char *log_levels[]={"Emergency", "Alert", "Critical", "Error", "Warning", "Notice", "Info", "Debug", NULL};
char *log_level_desc[]={"None", "Alerts", "Critical Errors", "Errors", "Warnings", "Notices", "Normal", "All (Debug)", NULL};
......@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ enum {
......@@ -1712,6 +1712,10 @@ int screen_to_ciolib(int screen)
case SCREEN_MODE_80X60:
case SCREEN_MODE_132X37:
return ST132X37_16_9;
case SCREEN_MODE_132x52:
return ST132X52_5_4;
case SCREEN_MODE_132X25:
case SCREEN_MODE_132X28:
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