Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

Commit f251cec5 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell

Update the 'install' and 'symlinks' targets to also install/symlink the

sub-projects: scfg, uedit, and umonitor
parent 9ecd9236
......@@ -88,11 +88,17 @@ ifdef SBBSEXEC
install: all
install $(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
install $(LIBODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
install scfg/$(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
install uedit/$(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
install umonitor/$(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
.PHONY: symlinks
symlinks: all
ln -sfr $(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
ln -sfr $(LIBODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
ln -sfr scfg/$(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
ln -sfr uedit/$(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
ln -sfr umonitor/$(EXEODIR)/* $(SBBSEXEC)
.PHONY: sexyz
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