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Add support for web request path aliases (defined in web_alias.ini)

Similar to the ctrl/ftpalias.cfg file, the new ctrl/web_alias.ini file (optional) can be used to map a portion (the first portion, only) of a web request path to a different physical or virtual path. For example, I'm using it to map:
/Synchronet/ = /files/main/sbbs/
for filebase access to my main->sbbs directory of Vertrauen's filebase using a /Synchronet/* web request (i.e. for slightly prettier or shorter custom URLs, if desired).
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......@@ -126,6 +126,7 @@ static str_list_t cgi_env;
static named_string_t** mime_types;
static named_string_t** cgi_handlers;
static named_string_t** xjs_handlers;
static named_string_t** alias_list; // request path aliases
/* Logging stuff */
link_list_t log_list;
......@@ -2038,7 +2039,7 @@ static BOOL check_ars(http_session_t * session)
static named_string_t** read_ini_list(char* path, char* section, char* desc
,named_string_t** list)
,named_string_t** list, bool warn)
size_t i;
FILE* fp;
......@@ -2053,7 +2054,7 @@ static named_string_t** read_ini_list(char* path, char* section, char* desc
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"Read %lu %s from %s section of %s"
,(ulong)i,desc,section==NULL ? "root":section,path);
} else
lprintf(LOG_WARNING, "Error %d opening %s", errno, path);
lprintf(warn ? LOG_WARNING : LOG_DEBUG, "Error %d opening %s", errno, path);
......@@ -3129,6 +3130,19 @@ static BOOL get_fullpath(http_session_t * session)
char str[MAX_PATH+1];
if(alias_list != NULL) {
for(size_t i = 0; alias_list[i] != NULL; i++) {
named_string_t* alias = alias_list[i];
size_t len = strlen(alias->name);
if(strncmp(session->req.physical_path, alias->name, len) == 0) {
char extra[MAX_PATH + 1];
SAFECOPY(extra, session->req.physical_path + len);
SAFEPRINTF2(session->req.physical_path, "%s%s", alias->value, extra);
if(scfg.web_file_prefix[0] && strncmp(session->req.physical_path, scfg.web_file_prefix, strlen(scfg.web_file_prefix)) == 0) {
session->filebase_access = TRUE;
return TRUE;
......@@ -6730,6 +6744,7 @@ static void cleanup(int code)
alias_list = iniFreeNamedStringList(alias_list);
......@@ -6898,6 +6913,7 @@ void web_server(void* arg)
char logstr[256];
char mime_types_ini[MAX_PATH+1];
char web_handler_ini[MAX_PATH+1];
char web_alias_ini[MAX_PATH+1];
union xp_sockaddr client_addr;
socklen_t client_addr_len;
SOCKET client_socket;
......@@ -7052,14 +7068,16 @@ void web_server(void* arg)
mime_types=read_ini_list(mime_types_ini,NULL /* root section */,"MIME types"
,mime_types, true);
if((cgi_handlers=read_ini_list(web_handler_ini,"CGI."PLATFORM_DESC,"CGI content handlers"
,cgi_handlers, true))==NULL)
cgi_handlers=read_ini_list(web_handler_ini,"CGI","CGI content handlers"
,cgi_handlers, true);
xjs_handlers=read_ini_list(web_handler_ini,"JavaScript","JavaScript content handlers"
,xjs_handlers, true);
iniFileName(web_alias_ini, sizeof(web_alias_ini), scfg.ctrl_dir, "web_alias.ini");
alias_list = read_ini_list(web_alias_ini, ROOT_SECTION, "Request path aliases", alias_list, false);
/* Don't do this for *each* CGI request, just once here during [re]init */
......@@ -7112,6 +7130,7 @@ void web_server(void* arg)
if(!initialized) {
  • This should be in the existing webctrl.ini files, which already has a redirect syntax, not a new slightly different one here.

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