Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

Commit f6bc3325 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell

Use the simpler/most sensible auto-default Transfer File Path logic used

in load_cfg.c for displaying the path. If you previously had a "parent dir"
configured for a library but did *not* have one or more "Transfer File Paths"
configured for directories within that library, the default location of your
files has now moved! Either clear-out the "Parent Directory" setting or move
your files where SBBS will now expect them to be. Sorry about that.
parent c9815051
......@@ -448,13 +448,16 @@ void xfer_cfg()
"This an optional path to be used as the physical \"parent\" directory for \n"
"all logical directories in this library. This parent directory will be\n"
"used in combination with each directory's `Transfer File Path` to create the\n"
"full physical storage path for files in this directory.\n"
"used in combination with each directory's `Transfer File Path` to create\n"
"the full physical storage path for files in each directory.\n"
"This option is convenient for adding libraries with many directories\n"
"that share a common parent directory (e.g. CD-ROMs) and gives you the\n"
"option of easily changing the common parent directory location later, if\n"
"The parent directory is not used for directories with a full/absolute\n"
"`Transfer File Path` configured."
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"Parent Directory"
......@@ -967,12 +970,15 @@ void dir_cfg(uint libnum)
char* dir_transfer_path_help =
"`Transfer File Path:`\n"
"This is the default storage path for files uploaded-to and available for"
"This is the default storage path for files uploaded-to and available for\n"
"download-from this directory.\n"
"If this path is blank, files are stored in a directory off of the\n"
"`data/dirs` directory using the internal code of this directory as the\n"
"name of the sub-directory (i.e. `data/dirs/<CODE>`).\n"
"If this setting is blank, the internal-code (lower-cased) is used as the\n"
"default directory name.\n"
"If this value is not a full/absolute path, the parent directory will be\n"
"either the library's `Parent Directory` (if set) or the data directory\n"
"(e.g. ../data/dirs)\n"
"This path can be overridden on a per-file basis using `Alternate File\n"
......@@ -1057,10 +1063,8 @@ void dir_cfg(uint libnum)
uifc.helpbuf = dir_transfer_path_help;
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"File Transfer Path", path, LEN_DIR,K_EDIT);
......@@ -1144,23 +1148,24 @@ void dir_cfg(uint libnum)
sprintf(opt[n++],"%-27.27s%.40s","Exemption Requirements"
if(cfg.dir[i]->path[0]) {
SAFECOPY(str, cfg.dir[i]->path);
prep_dir(cfg.lib[cfg.dir[i]->lib]->parent_path, str, sizeof(str));
prep_dir(cfg.ctrl_dir, str, sizeof(str));
} else {
SAFECOPY(path, cfg.dir[i]->path);
if(!path[0]) {
SAFEPRINTF2(path, "%s%s", cfg.lib[cfg.dir[i]->lib]->code_prefix, cfg.dir[i]->code_suffix);
prep_dir(cfg.lib[cfg.dir[i]->lib]->parent_path, path, sizeof(path));
else {
if (!cfg.dir[i]->data_dir[0])
SAFEPRINTF(data_dir, "%sdirs/", cfg.data_dir);
SAFEPRINTF(data_dir, "%sdirs", cfg.data_dir);
SAFECOPY(data_dir, cfg.dir[i]->data_dir);
SAFEPRINTF3(str, "[%s%s%s/]"
,cfg.lib[cfg.dir[i]->lib]->code_prefix, cfg.dir[i]->code_suffix);
prep_dir(data_dir, path, sizeof(path));
if(strcmp(path, cfg.dir[i]->path) == 0)
SAFECOPY(str, path);
SAFEPRINTF(str, "[%s]", path);
sprintf(opt[n++],"%-27.27s%.40s","Transfer File Path"
sprintf(opt[n++],"%-27.27s%u","Maximum Number of Files"
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