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DDLightbarMenu OnItemNav on initial display

DDLightbarMenu can now optionally call its OnItemNav function when
it's first displayed.  By default this behavior is disabled, but it
can be enabled by setting the (new) callOnItemNavOnStartup property
to true.
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......@@ -291,7 +291,12 @@ lbMenu.exitOnItemSelect = false;
OnItemNav is a function that is called when the user navigates to a new item (i.e., via
the up or down arrow, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, etc.). Its parameters are the old
item index and the new item index.
this.OnItemNav = function(pOldItemIdx, pNewItemIdx) { }
lbMenu.OnItemNav = function(pOldItemIdx, pNewItemIdx) { }
To have the menu object call OnItemNav() when it is first displayed to get the user's
choice, set the callOnItemNavOnStartup property to true:
lbMenu.callOnItemNavOnStartup = true;
By default, it is false.
The 'key down' behavior can be called explicitly, if needed, by calling the DoKeyDown() function.
It takes 2 parameters: An object of selected item indexes (as passed to GetVal()) and, optionally,
......@@ -474,6 +479,10 @@ function DDLightbarMenu(pX, pY, pWidth, pHeight)
this.inputTimeoutMS = 300000; // Input timeout in ms
this.mouseEnabled = false;
// Whether or not to call OnItemNav() when the menu is first displayed
// to get the user's choice
this.callOnItemNavOnStartup = false;
// Member functions
this.Add = DDLightbarMenu_Add;
this.Remove = DDLightbarMenu_Remove;
......@@ -1389,6 +1398,9 @@ function DDLightbarMenu_GetVal(pDraw, pSelectedItemIndexes)
if (this.callOnItemNavOnStartup && typeof(this.OnItemNav) === "function")
this.OnItemNav(0, this.selectedItemIdx);
// User input loop
var userChoices = null; // For multi-select mode
var selectedItemIndexes = { }; // For multi-select mode
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