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DDLightarMenu: For numbered mode, implemented a fix for refreshing the

menu after the user types an item number to select/highlight it. Also,
added 2 new color settings to specify the color to use for writing the
item numbers: itemNumColor (for non-highlighted items) and highlightedItemNumColor
(for the current highlighted item).
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......@@ -125,6 +125,13 @@ user presses the enter key after the item number, a carriage return/line feed
will be outputted, so in numbered mode, the menu's height should not go further
than 2 lines below the console height. Otherwise, the display of the menu will
not be correct if the user decides not to enter a number.
When numbered mode is enabled, you can specify the color used to display the
item numbers. For a non-selected item, set .colors.itemNumColor. For selected items,
set .colors.highlightedItemNumColor. This is separate from the item color setting
(.colors.itemColor). For example:
lbMenu.colors.itemNumColor = "\1c"; // Use cyan for the item numbers for non-selected items.
// For the selected item, use high cyan with a blue background for the item number
lbMenu.colors.highlightedItemNumColor = "\1" + "4\1c\1h";
This menu also supports multiple options selected (by default, that is not enabled).
To enable that, set the multiSelect property to true. When enabled, the GetVal()
......@@ -406,7 +413,9 @@ function DDLightbarMenu(pX, pY, pWidth, pHeight)
itemTextCharHighlightColor: "\1y\1h",
borderColor: "\1n\1b",
scrollbarScrollBlockColor: "\1h\1w",
scrollbarBGColor: "\1h\1k"
scrollbarBGColor: "\1h\1k",
itemNumColor: "\1n",
highlightedItemNumColor: "\1n"
// Characters to use to draw the border
this.borderChars = {
......@@ -1181,7 +1190,7 @@ function DDLightbarMenu_GetItemText(pIdx, pItemLen, pHighlight, pSelected)
selectedItemColor = (menuItem.useAltColors ? this.colors.altSelectedItemColor : this.colors.selectedItemColor);
var itemColor = "";
if (typeof(pHighlight) == "boolean")
if (typeof(pHighlight) === "boolean")
itemColor = (pHighlight ? selectedItemColor : normalItemColor);
itemColor = (pIdx == this.selectedItemIdx ? selectedItemColor : normalItemColor);
......@@ -1250,9 +1259,16 @@ function DDLightbarMenu_GetItemText(pIdx, pItemLen, pHighlight, pSelected)
var currentTextLen = itemTextDisplayableLen(itemText, this.ampersandHotkeysInItems);
if (currentTextLen < itemLen)
itemText += format("%" + +(itemLen-currentTextLen) + "s", ""); // Append spaces to the end of itemText
// If in numbered mode, add the item number to the front of the item text.
// If in numbered mode, prepend the item number to the front of the item text.
if (this.numberedMode)
itemText = format("\1n%" + this.itemNumLen + "d ", pIdx+1) + itemText;
var numColor = "\1n" + this.colors.itemNumColor;
if (typeof(pHighlight) === "boolean")
numColor = (pHighlight ? this.colors.highlightedItemNumColor : this.colors.itemNumColor);
numColor = (pIdx == this.selectedItemIdx ? this.colors.highlightedItemNumColor : this.colors.itemNumColor);
itemText = format("\1n" + numColor + "%" + this.itemNumLen + "d \1n", pIdx+1) + itemText;
return itemText;
......@@ -1904,14 +1920,29 @@ function DDLightbarMenu_GetVal(pDraw, pSelectedItemIndexes)
if (addIt)
selectedItemIndexes[+(this.selectedItemIdx)] = true;
// TODO: Put a check-mark next to the selected item
// TODO: Screen refresh?
retVal = this.GetItem(this.selectedItemIdx).retval;
continueOn = false;
// If the item typed by the user is different than the current selected item
// index, then refresh the selected item on the menu (if they're visible).
// If multi-select mode is enabled, also toggle the checkmark in the item text.
if (this.selectedItemIdx != oldSelectedItemIdx)
if (this.ScreenRowForItem(oldSelectedItemIdx) > -1)
var oldIsSelected = selectedItemIndexes.hasOwnProperty(oldSelectedItemIdx);
this.WriteItemAtItsLocation(oldSelectedItemIdx, false, oldIsSelected);
if (this.ScreenRowForItem(this.selectedItemIdx) > -1)
var newIsSelected = selectedItemIndexes.hasOwnProperty(this.selectedItemIdx);
this.WriteItemAtItsLocation(this.selectedItemIdx, true, newIsSelected);
if (typeof(this.OnItemNav) === "function")
this.OnItemNav(oldSelectedItemIdx, this.selectedItemIdx);
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