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      I'm working on a major SBBSecho overhaul (to be dubbed version 3) and the old · 67f645ca
      rswindell authored
      sbbsecho.cfg file is going to be replaced with sbbsecho.ini. This script can
      be used to convert an existing sbbsecho.cfg (or other sbbsecho config file with
      a different filename) to an sbbsecho.ini (or other filename if desired). Either
      just run "jsexec sbbsecho_upgrade.js" or you can pass the cfg filename and the
      ini filenames on the command-line (e.g.
      jsexec sbbsecho_upgrade.js path/to/my/cfgfile path/to/my/inifile)
      Before I commit v3, I wanted to have some SBBSecho sysops give this converter a
      test run. The sbbsecho.ini file won't be used by anything today, I just want
      you to examine the resulting file or send it to me (with redacted pwds if you
      The objective is to retain all your settings (though some of them are going
      away, e.g. store_seenby, store_path, store_kludge, as these are just going
      be mandatory in future versions) but any comments you may have added by hand
      in your sbbsecho.cfg, unfortunately, won't be retained.
      On the bright side, the sbbsecho.ini *will* retain your comments when edited
      with the future version of echocfg and the modifications made via areafix won't
      be so damaging to any manual changes you've made.
      I hope you find the new config file easier to read and manage. I've tried to
      retain as many key-words as the old sbbsecho.cfg, so it should feel familiar.
      Feedback is welcome.
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