1. 10 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      Added support for .bsy lock files when in BSO/FLO mailer mode · 91acd352
      rswindell authored
      (based on FTS-5005 description) - both detection (won't pack/bundle outgoing
      mail for a node that is "busy" with a mailer session) and exclusive-creation
      (to inform the mailer not to allow a session for this node while outgoing mail
      is being processed).
      - Uses strListFind() from updated xpdev.
      Debug-level log message for all file deletions.
      Some log message update (more detail in some, removal of others).
      Bug-fix: outbound FREQ netmail messages would not be deleted after being
      converted to BSO *.req files. It appears no one has yet tested this feature?
      Cleaned-up sbbsecho.h: use of C99-types, defined SBBSECHO_ARCTYPE_NONE magic
      number macro.
      Incremented version to 2.32.
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      Added strListFind() to search a string list for an instance of a string using · a4447a63
      rswindell authored
      value comparison (rather than pointer comparison), either case sensitive or
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      The program listing will now terminate (before the end of the list) if/when the · b465a62d
      rswindell authored
      console-abort flag is set. This is/was the behavior of the built-in xtrn_sec
      function and failed to make it into this script. This allows a long, multipage,
      program listing to be aborted with 'N' or 'Q' or Ctrl-C. Thanks to Nightfox for
      reporting this difference in behavior even though he was actually wanting the
      console-abort flag to be ignored for a separate reason. :-)
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      Clear the console-abort flag upon return from executing a JS or Baja module. · c22063f9
      rswindell authored
      This solves the problem of a JS-external program (e.g. SyncWX) being aborted
      at a pause prompt with Ctrl-C or Q and that abort status propagating back to
      the external program's menu. If there is a module which needs to propagate
      the console-abort status up to the parent(s), then this could introduce a
      problem. We'll see.
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      Minor bug fix for refreshing the 'message selected' check marks in the... · 45931e28
      nightfox authored
      Minor bug fix for refreshing the 'message selected' check marks in the lightbar message list when other messages have been marked for deletion
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      Version 1.07 beta 2 - Added a way to select multiple messages in the message... · 48808509
      nightfox authored
      Version 1.07 beta 2 - Added a way to select multiple messages in the message list and batch-delete selected messages (only if permissions allow deleting all messages).  This is most useful for personal mail when a user gets a lot of spam messages.  In the lightbar message list, the spacebar selects individual messages and CTRL-A is used to select/de-select all messages.  In the traditional UI message list, the S key is used for message selection.  CTRL-D then does a batch delete of selected messages in the message list.  The spacebar can also be used to select a message when reading it.
      This is marked as 'beta', but I have tested the new features and they appear to be working as intended.  I will likely release a non-beta soon.