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      When listing files in a file area (directory) configured as "FREE" (no cost to · fe36e759
      rswindell authored
      downlaod), and the "check for file existence" option is enabled, then get the
      file size as well and display that instead of the credit value. This fixes the
      problem with files whose size has changed after they were uploaded or added
      to the filebase. Directories which are not free still displayed with each
      file's credit value (since that may not have any correlation with the file
      Display file sizes and credit values in a shorter more easy to read format
      with suffixes for gigabytes (G), megabytes (M), kilobytes (K), and bytes (B).
      Using an uppercase 'K' now to be more consistent with modern conventions
      for abbreviating Kilobytes/Kibibyte (1024 bytes).
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