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DDMsgReader: Improved new-to-you scan speed (and hopefully overall speed), indexed newscan improvements, etc.

DDMsgReader changes (note: this update requires the latest dd_lightbar_menu.js):

Improved speed of new-to-you scans, and to an extent (hopefully) overall speed

Bug fix: Setting reverseListOrder to "ask" in the .cfg file works properly again.

Bug fix: When listing messages in reverse order, the selected menu index (for lightbar mode) is now correct.

Bug fix: If the user is allowed to read deleted messages, then allow the left & right arrow keys to to the next/previous message if it's deleted.

Small fixes for indexed scanning mode.

New: For personal email, unread emails will have an 'unread' message indicator in the message list as a U between the message number and the 'from' name.

New user setting: "Quit from reader to message list": When enabled, quitting from reader mode goes to the message list instead of exiting out of DDMsgReader fully.

New user setting: Enter/selection from indexed mode menu shows message list (instead of going into reader mode)

New user setting: List messages in reverse order

Bug fix: Message header null. Should fix issue #659 (closed)

Edited by Eric Oulashin

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