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xtrnmenu module v3

phareous requested to merge mlong/xtrnmenuv3 into master
  • Adds door tracking (like doorscan) - requires json service
  • Adds special menus (most launched, longest run, most recent) - for all users and per-user
  • Adds search capability
  • Adds favorites menu w/ add
  • Support more keys in menus (esc, left, etc.)
  • Adds lightbar support to menus/directional key nav
  • Polishes the gameserv commands
  • Adds a limited file menu area
  • Adds ability to link to any command (new built-in: chat, file, text area)
  • More configurable options/display options
  • Use modopts.d for the ini options now
  • Fix bugs in configurator for copy/paste items
  • Other misc fixes and code cleanup
  • Add games stats web page
  • Games web page fully supports menu options (favorites, special menus, etc.)

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