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Add sendsocket() result checking/error-logging to send_telnet_cmd()

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......@@ -1818,6 +1818,8 @@ static BYTE* telnet_interpret(sbbs_t* sbbs, BYTE* inbuf, int inlen,
void sbbs_t::send_telnet_cmd(uchar cmd, uchar opt)
char buf[16];
size_t sz;
ssize_t result;
......@@ -1827,15 +1829,20 @@ void sbbs_t::send_telnet_cmd(uchar cmd, uchar opt)
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"sending telnet cmd: %s"
(void)sendsocket(client_socket, buf, 2);
result = sendsocket(client_socket, buf, sz = 2);
} else {
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG,"sending telnet cmd: %s %s"
(void)sendsocket(client_socket, buf, 3);
result = sendsocket(client_socket, buf, sz = 3);
if(result != sz)
lprintf(LOG_ERR, "ERROR sending telnet command (%s): send returned %d instead of %d"
bool sbbs_t::request_telnet_opt(uchar cmd, uchar opt, unsigned waitforack)
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