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Add new strings: HashingFile and HashedFile

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......@@ -1043,4 +1043,6 @@
"%.0s\1n\1h\1m%s \1n\1msent you NetMail%s from \1h%s\1n\r\n" 858 FidoNetMailReceived
" with attachment" 859 WithAttachment
"%.0s\1n\1h\1m%s \1n\1msent you EchoMail on "\ 860 FidoEchoMailReceived
"\1h%s \1n\1m%s\1n\r\n"
\ No newline at end of file
"\1h%s \1n\1m%s\1n\r\n"
"\1_\1w\1hCalculating file's hash values @ELLIPSIS@\1n" 861 HashingFile
"\1[\1>" 862 HashedFile
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