Commit 54de9ce3 authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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Fix the printf format for the "ERROR ... connecting to passthru socket"

Was passing the address string twice, so the port appeared as an invalid number.
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......@@ -5708,7 +5708,7 @@ NO_SSH:
if(result != 0) {
inet_ntop(tmp_addr.sin_family, &tmp_addr.sin_addr, addr_str, sizeof(addr_str));
lprintf(LOG_ERR,"Node %d !ERROR %d (%d) connecting to passthru socket: %s port %u"
,new_node->cfg.node_num, result, ERROR_VALUE, addr_str, addr_str, htons(tmp_addr.sin_port));
,new_node->cfg.node_num, result, ERROR_VALUE, addr_str, htons(tmp_addr.sin_port));
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