Commit 6015692c authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Adjust new-scan/search status display to account for msg areas with more than

9999 messages (and an 80 column terminal).
parent b88914ac
......@@ -79,9 +79,9 @@
"_\r\ngh From "\ 065 MailOnSystemLstHdr
"To Subject\r\nn"
"gh%4d:ng %-22.22s %-22.22s h%cng %.25s\r\n" 066 MailOnSystemLstFmt
"-\r\nc%-15.15s yh%-40.40s "\ 067 NScanStatusFmt
"ncNew:h%4u ncofh %-u"
"-\r\nc%-15.15s yh%-40.40s w%u" 068 SearchSubFmt
"-\r\nc%-15.15s yh%-44.44s "\ 067 NScanStatusFmt
"ncNew:h%5u ncofh %-u"
"-\r\nc%-15.15s yh%-44.44s w%u" 068 SearchSubFmt
"\r\nNo messages have been posted on %s %s\r\n" 069 NoMsgsOnSub
"\r\nncPost : [h%unc][h%unc] h%unc/h%u" 070 ZScanPostHdr
"n\r\nc hbReading nc [h%unc] %s "\ 071 ReadingSub
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