Commit 99850339 authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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A little punctuation and spacign fix-ups wrt batch queues.

parent e127c998
......@@ -330,16 +330,16 @@
"\r\nDownload queue is empty.\r\n" 273 DownloadQueueIsEmpty
"\r\n\1-\1g\1hUpload Queue:\1n\1g"\ 274 UploadQueueLstHdr
" Description\r\n\r\n\1n"
"\1g\1h%2d: \1n\1g%s %s\r\n" 275 UploadQueueLstFmt
"\1g\1h%2d: \1n\1g%-12s %s\r\n" 275 UploadQueueLstFmt
"\r\n\1-\1g\1hDownload Queue:\1n\1g"\ 276 DownloadQueueLstHdr
" Credits Bytes Time\r\n\r\n\1n"
"\1g\1h%2d: \1n\1g%s %11.11s %11.11s %s\r\n" 277 DownloadQueueLstFmt
"\1g\1h%2d: \1n\1g%-12s %11.11s %11.11s %s\r\n" 277 DownloadQueueLstFmt
"\r\n\1w\1h Totals: %11.11s %11.11s %s\r\n" 278 DownloadQueueTotals
"\r\n\1-\1gRemove which file from upload "\ 279 RemoveWhichFromUlQueue
"queue (1-%d): \1n"
"\r\n\1-\1gRemove which file from download "\ 280 RemoveWhichFromDlQueue
"queue (1-%d): \1n"
"\r\nUpload queue is empty\r\n" 281 UploadQueueIsEmpty
"\r\nUpload queue is empty.\r\n" 281 UploadQueueIsEmpty
"\r\nHang up after transfer" 282 HangUpAfterXferQ
"\r\n\1w\1hStart transfer now (Ctrl-X to abort):\r\n\1n" 283 StartXferNow
"\1_\r\n\1b\1hDisconnecting @ELLIPSIS@ \1wH\1bang up or \1wA\1bbort " 284 Disconnecting
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