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ddfilelister: Now displays extended description in list view if the user has that setting enabled

Eric Oulashin requested to merge ddfilelister_extd_desc_setting into master

ddfilelister v2.05 - Now makes use of the user's extended file description setting: If the user's extended file description setting is enabled, the lister will now show extended file descriptions on the main screen in a split format, with the lightbar file list on the left and the extended file description for the highlighted file on the right. Also, made the file info window taller for terminals within 25 lines high. This should resolve issue #363 (closed) . This update to ddfilelister also requires the included update to dd_lightbar_menu.js and the new attr_conv.js.

This also contains a fix for file delete that should fix issue #374 (closed) .

Edited by Eric Oulashin

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